About Laab Milano

Founded in 2020 in Milano, Italy, LAABMILANO is a creative studio that works transversally across different design currents involving furniture, ceramics, and interior design. A reality rooted in Brianza, a territory of excellence and craftsmanship, LAABMILANO is dedicated to constantly evolving its design, with every piece being an exclusive proposal of high creative value.
As a union of design and craftsmanship, LAABMILANO's objectives are to preserve, through constant development, the productive cultural fabric that valorizes the craftsmanship of generations that have passed down their knowledge that, with Laabmilano, becomes entangled with a contemporary design.

LAABMILANO operates in the design, fashion, and handcrafting sectors, to blend experiences and ideas.

Architect Donatella Casiraghi
Donatella Casiraghi began her career as an architect (graduated from Politecnico di Milano) working on large interior design projects for luxury villas in Asia, leading with her project ideas. There she deepened, even more, her oriental design knowledge obtaining the Master’s degree in Feng Shui in Bangkok.
Donatella has always emphasized the materiality of the object and the essentiality of the lines, both for projects renovating antique apartments and for modern design projects. Donatella founded LAABMILANO intending to create unique and iconic pieces characterized by a distinctive and unrepeatable style. The purity of her design stems from the learning time spent in China and India where she was able to understand the vision of Wastu and make it her own.
In her new collection, Donatella collaborates with Matteo Barni, LAABMILANO’s Product Manager, who, with his experience from London, has brought new styles and originality to their products. Together, Donatella and Matteo create design projects ranging from home to contract, granting them character and a timeless design. Their careful study of the incorporation of geometric lines that intertwine with the material texture, embracing the vision of art in dialogue with nature, leads to the creation of designs for sensory environments. 

"Idea is time, Idea is living in the future."

Laab. essence of the void
Making a Raku ceramic represents the essence and singularity of being: All creations are unique in their way. The fire and the rapid cooling of the ceramic mean that the coloring stops in their becoming and that the crystalline shatters with a strong expressive crackling.

The void remains fundamental: the wet clay forms the container, the void inside it defines its fullness.

Raku creations
LAABMILANO specializes in handcrafted ceramic home decor with a focus on uniqueness. A principle that is shared with the ancient Japanese Raku firing technique, which consists in removing still glowing hot ceramics from the kiln and cooling them abruptly, causing unrepeatable results, and art of which the brand is a masterful executioner. Among the many artisanal techniques, Raku is one of the most fascinating and creative, an ensemble of ancient knowledge synonymous with high quality. Raku represents timeless elegance. 

The Raku works of Laab are striking for their light: it is an intense, clear, revealing light, an essential element that captures attention before the color and lines, which are the foundations of LAABMILANO’s design. The lines are the vehicle for transmitting the aesthetic qualities of the eastern tradition, a reworking of distant cultures and external stimuli in a universal key. LAABMILANO’s creations, the play of monochromatic lines, and the laying of color constantly shifting to absorb or reject light within boundaries carefully defined by fluid lines, reflect the creator’s passion for the shapes of tradition that, in the structure of the composition, become archetypes of aesthetic quality and values that are universally perceived.

“One kneads clay to make a pot, but in its not-being, there is the utility of the pot.”

-Tao Te Ching

Laab. concept of a house
The habitations Architect Casiraghi designs lean towards the classic or modern style gravitating around the client’s need to have a place that reflects himself.
The fundamental of all the design though remains unaffected by the client’s mind and it is graspable in all Casiraghi’s projects: the void, not the absolute ‘nihil’, but the emptiness that allows the free flow of energies.
As the Tao saying goes: ”It’s the Void that it is inside it (the house) that defines its essence.”

Mixing Eastern and Western cultures
The projects's creativity comes from the mind of Architect Donatella Casiraghi. who uses her knowledge of both Western and Eastern disciplines, blending and extracting the essence of these two distinct styles. The mix of technical and creative skills gives a unique mark to their creations and the surroundings of their placement, outcoming timeless furnishings where precious wood is bonded with brass and other noble materials via the master craftsman's vision.

Reintepratating vintage and classic pieces and combining their elegance with new materials lead to extraordinary clean and contemporary lines that highlight the philosophy of LAABMILANO: enhancing the furniture to turn them into the true protagonists of the space. Thus, unique furnishings are crafted that are destined to be iconic pieces in the world.

 Laab Metaverso Table extending from the interior to the exterior. True to Laab phylosophy. 

Laab. visions of a world
The essence of the future is the thoughts of the minds evolving today, capable of twisting together the innovation of today’s technologies and materials to free the mind and give birth to new designs.

Space and Non-Space, Laab fundamentals
LAABMILANO seeks to reinvent original spaces into enjoyable places to LIVE, WORK, and PLAY in. Our style utilizes unconventional objects, influences, and tastes to give an elegant and more positive experience. Different designs and textures are layered, drawing the eye to numerous focal points, as this technique creates a series of unique and unexpected moments within each layer.

A project is always a sacred process based on the union of ideas and creativity. Originality is achieved by treating any project as a new beginning, allowing oneself to be surprised and transported by the various possibilities generated by combining different processes as simplifying and organizing to emphasize and enclose the energy of the living space. Enthusiasm overcomes fatigue, and it is only by going beyond one’s limits that an excellent solution can materialize, unique and extraordinary.

"Idea is time, Idea is living in the future."

That's why LAABMILANO offers a 360-degree service when taking care of space and the energy of the non-space, capable of taking care of everything from interior design to outdoor living spaces, from refurbishment to renovation and reaching out to fashion too with their next project.

Space and Void are represented by every piece of Laab design: armchairs, lights, sideboard, and coffee Tables.