Ceramic Candles: Raku and scented wax

In its artisanal production of works,
Laab proposes unique gifts for Christmas 2022 
by creating the


The union of the poetry of an entirely hand-made Raku piece with pure wax with intense fragrance gifts added value to unique pieces



Simple in its imposing purity is the YUGEN candle, a perfect Raku bowl where the lighting effects of the work are accentuated even more by the wax, giving light, warmth, and charm to the environment. This bowl of particular dimensions ( 20cm - 7.8in ) contains scented wax nectar with five wooden wicks to light the candle. The flames that are released create a special atmosphere of strong emotional impact.


An object especially suitable for the Christmas period when the warmth of the gathering is more felt and stimulating.
The fragrance of the wax brings out the citrus fruits' aroma and the essences of almonds and spices.

Japanese Yugen Scented Large Candle Raku White and Black Ceramic




In KOMOREBI, a bowl with an extremely clean design reminder of the essentiality of Zen and the use of the bowl as a ritual for ceremonies, LAAB has chosen to insert wax nectar that focuses on a perfume with citrus notes mixed with ginger and spices.

To all this is added another peculiarity:

LAAB's quest to propose the perfect candle has led to the insertion of a wooden wick in all the products of the Vibrant Light Collection, instead of the usual wick in tow. This detail allows the flame to develop horizontally as well as vertically and creates a noise that brings us back to the crackling of lit fireplaces.


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YUGEN and KOMOREBI Bowls are firstly handcrafted, and then the process of firing and their sudden cooling beneath the grass and dry leaves create particular luster in the glazing and the blackening of the clay.

This method, spontaneous but directed by the master potter, leads to unique pieces of intense value, as in STELO candle holders.

A series of remarkable and hieratic candle holders with pure and harmonious lines. Raku elements where new colors, translated into exclusive material finishes, represent the expression of the new Vibrant Light Collection.

The colors are nuances based on golds with antique greens and water blues given by particular glazes created by skilled artisan hands.

STELO Candle holders accommodate modern or stylish environments giving a particular vibrant emotion to the environment.





Metropolis sculptures represent civilization at different stages, starting from contained elements of smaller dimensions getting taller. Composed by a series of different straight ( fixed ) candle holders, showing the characteristic crackle' effect of the raku firing technique.


Mesmerizing elements capable of standing out on their own or creating stunning effects together. The taller version is a sculpture of its own, with a height of 55 cm ( 22 in ) is a statement of raku craftmanship. The wider, unglazed version is defined by smaller candle holders of 2 sizes ( one slightly smaller than the other ) creating a interesting effect when completely filled. 


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Emotion is the foundation of LAAB's works. 

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