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Japanese Yugen Scented Large Candle Raku White and Black Ceramic

Japanese Yugen Scented Large Candle Raku White and Black Ceramic

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Yugen in Japanese literally means "slightly dark " and it stands for the charm of all the things that are in dim light. It means the dark light and the beauty of remaining in the dark and inscrutable. Yugen can be considered, among the innermost aesthetic Japanese ideas, the most ineffable. This candle with a diameter of 20cm and filled with scented wax nectar, contains three wooden wicks and their flames create a particular atmosphere of big emotional impact. A candle particularly suitable for the Christmas period when the emitted warmth is even more felt and exciting. The design of this large bowl is the fruit of the mastered Raku technique that produce a crackle effect on elaborated parts and a black burnt clay effect when it is left untouched.

Scented Wax:
Top Notes: Orange, Mandarin, Lemon
Heart Notes: Ginger, Coffee, Almond, Pepper
Base Notes: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cloves

Diameter (cm) 19 x h 8.5
Filled with 1200 ml of Scented Nectar Wax
Handmade in Italy

The rapid cooling of the Raku technique makes the final color result variable and may differ from the images.

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