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Modern Genesi Bamboo Ceramic Fountain Black White Crackle

Modern Genesi Bamboo Ceramic Fountain Black White Crackle

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The smallest version of the Genesi fountain series is capable of creating a calming and relaxing corner in any interior with its mourmoring waterfalls. Three Raku elements stand in the center and let the water flow via bamboo spouts from one into another and into the main recipient generating a reaussing sound. It features a small electric water pump. The elegance and dimensions of this piece make the fountain a poetic addition in any living room, bedroom or office. Every piece is unique because of the Raku firing art that is using during it’s creation.

Dimensions (cm) w 38 x d 18 x h 35

Handmade in Italy

This product is customisable 

The rapid cooling of the Raku technique makes the final color result variable and may differ from the images.

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