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Modern Genesi Globe Ceramic Fountain Black White Crackle

Modern Genesi Globe Ceramic Fountain Black White Crackle

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The mightiest of the Genesi fountains. Its large Raku components are already a masterpiece by themselves, combined in the form of this perpetual murmuring fountain become something mesmerizing and impactful in their circular design. The sphere symbolizing the world is gently covered by the water ( life ) that then falls into the last vessel which represents the universe. A modern fountain, with a pure design founded on the concepts of Feng Shui, unique in its kind. An handmade piece of extreme elegance that will make any interior charming and flowing with positive energy. Every piece is unique because of the Raku firing art that is used during its creation. It features a small electric water pump.

Diameter (cm) 58 x h 63

Handmade in Italy

This product is customisable 

The rapid cooling of the Raku technique makes the final color result variable and may differ from the images.

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