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Modern Wildfire Vase Raku Ceramic Black Burnt and Metal

Modern Wildfire Vase Raku Ceramic Black Burnt and Metal

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Indulge in the rugged beauty of the Wildfire Collection, inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, where imperfection is celebrated as an aesthetic quality. These stunning ceramics boast a burnt look, with a physically cracked exterior that gives each piece a rugged and battle-worn appearance. The interior is often glazed with a lustrous copper finish, providing a beautiful contrast to the rough exterior. Whether used for serving or as decorative pieces, the Wildfire Collection is sure to add a touch of wabi-sabi elegance to any space. This vase exhibits a mesmerizing and intricate crackling pattern on its surface, reminiscent of the parched earth during a drought, capturing the essence of nature's impermanence and the beauty of imperfection.

Diameter (cm) 13 x h 10.5

Handmade in Italy

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